Razor-shaped peeler (blade and stainless steel handle). A product appreciated by chefs.


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What is it for? Peelers are used to easily remove the peel of fruit and vegetables (such as apple, pear, kiwi, potato, carrot and turnip) without cutting into the layers below or the user's fingers. In French, the word for them is also the word for economical because they avoid wastage by only removing a thin layer. This makes them more precise than a paring knife. They can also be used to make chocolate curls and hard cheese shavings, as well as to decorate dishes with long, slim strips of fruit or vegetables. Its pointed tip makes it easy to remove a damaged piece or a growth. Razor style peeler (stainless steel blade and handle). A product appreciated by chefs.


Data sheet

Material of construction
Stainless steel
Cooked products
Cooked products
Peeling, hollowing, slicing vegetables
Handle material
Stainless steel

Specific References